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Spring Garden Resources

Spring Garden Resources

A few resources for starting your spring gardens…. These days, as the threat of frost passes, we’re focusing on preparing garden beds for seeds and moving plants from the greenhouse into the beds. That means we’re also thinking about 3 keys to our garden’s success: improving the soil, controlling weeds, and getting enough water to the plants and seeds.  Below is a short list of useful resources for each.


Soil: We make compost and buy some locally to build or amend our beds.  We test the soil and look closely at the compost analysis to see what nutrients we need to add. Local Compost Sources: Quincy Soils (spent mushroom compost) Ed @ 850.447. 4756 for semi truck loads.  Blackstar Organics for worm compost (minimum order 1 pallet) 727.709.3398. Graco Fertilizer in Cairo for several varieties of finished compost  (229) 377-1602.  Smaller quantities for compost-Native Nurseries, Espositos, and Tallahassee Nurseries. Soil Tests: Your local extension office or Waters Agricultural in Camilla, GA: watersag.com


Irrigation: We use drip irrigation and micro irrigation sprinklers.  You can find these at local hardware stores, as well as Lowes and Home Depot. But, for the best selection and for helpful videos, try www.dripworks.com.


Weed Control: We’re using straw and hay (without seed heads)  between beds after covering the ground with cardboard and feed sacks first.  We found wheat straw at Heinz Nurseries Phone:(850) 668-0961 and we buy field stored hay from The Feed Store in Havana 850.539.3337.