School Connections



Longview partners with Cornerstone Learning Community (, an independent preschool through 8th grade school in Tallahassee.  Students from Cornerstone's classes regularly visit the farm to focus on developmentally appropriate activities relevant to their curriculum.  Sky Feller is our lead farm teacher, and she coordinates the field trips with teachers and plans and leads the lessons at the farm.  

Longview Farms also offers seasonal one-day field trips for K-8th grade students and their teachers, and to homeschool groups. These field trips are developed around the natural cycles of the farm and forest. The farm provides a unique outdoor classroom for exploring a wide range of science ideas.

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Contact Sky Feller: for more information about scheduling field trips and available activities.  

Take a look, below, at the sample farm activities & studies or click here to see a list of sample field trips. 

 Samples of Farm Activities & Studies:  

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Tree Planting Hay Rides
Animal tracking and casting   Animal life cycle explorations
Twine and simple tool making Phenology and soil studies   
Gopher tortoise burrow viewing     Honeybee observations
Sensory walks  Food botany
Plant & seed collection      Map and compass use
Farm-to-table cooking Cycles of the pasture