Pastured Chickens




Both our laying and broiler flocks are pasture raised and fed Non-GMO, Kraut Creek Natural Feed. 


Red Ranger Broilers


We purchase our Red Ranger chicks from Freedom Ranger Hatchery to raise and sell for broilers. This breed is perfect for raising on pasture as they love to forage. These red-feathered chicks grow to 5-6 lbs. in 10 weeks and they produce tender meat with more yellow omega 3 fat and less saturated fat than faster growing breeds.

We are process our birds here on the farm under our Limited Poultry and Egg Permit. We process every two weeks 8 months out of the year which ensures that we have chickens for sale year round. .

Read here for the benefits of pasture raised chicken. 


Laying Flock 




Our flocks of laying hens are a mix of full breed layers that we raise from 2 day old chicks.  We move our flock of about 100 birds from pasture to pasture in their mobile chicken palaces. 



We have these two girls to thank for keeping all our chickens safe from the many predators on the farm. Lady and Lucy are pure bred, Great Pyrenees livestock guardian dogs. They do most of the work during the night, so we often find them snoozing during the day.  We couldn't raise our chickens without them!


Chicken & Egg Pricing

Eggs - $5.00/dozen   

Whole Broilers - $3.99/lb.   /   Leg Quarters - $5.50/lb.   /   Wings - $5.50/lb.  

B/S Breasts - $9.75/lb.  /  Tenders -$9.50  /  Bone-In Breast - $9.00/lb

Livers - $4.00/lb.  /  Necks & Feet - $3.00/lb.

Chicken Backs for Stock - $1.25/lb.

Winter Stock Special - $15.00 = 1 - 5lb. bag of backs, 1 - 2lb. bag of feet

& 1 - 2lb. bag of necks