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We are happy to have become a dealer for Kraut Creek Natural Feed from Ohio. They make a high quality, non-gmo feed for chickens, turkeys, goats and pigs. If you are looking for a natural, non-gmo feed, take a look at their website to view the nutritional tags and see our price list below.* We place our orders monthly but keep some feed on hand. Email us @ if you would like to place an order.

*All prices are for 50 lb bags and reflect the current prices for April 2016.  Future prices may change based on freight charges and price changes from the manufacturer. 




Non-GMO Chick Starter 21% 22.00
Non-GMO Chicken Grower 18%  21.00   
Non-GMO Chicken Layer 17% 20.00
Soy Free Non-GMO Chicken Layer 16%   23.00
Soy Free Non-GMO Chicken Starter/Grower 20%      25.00


Non-GMO Swine Starter 22%   22.00
Non-GMO Swine Grower/Finisher 16% 20.00
Non-GMO Swine Finisher 14%  19.00


Non-GMO Turkey Starter 25% 24.00
Non-GMO Turkey Grower 23%  23.00
Non-GMO Turkey Grower 20% 22.00
Non-GMO Turkey Finisher 16% 21.00


Non-GMO Beef Grower 15%  18.00
Non-GMO Beef Finisher 12% 18.00


Non-GMO Goat Lactating/Starter 16% 21.00
Non-GMO Goat Grower/Developer 14% 21.00
Non-GMO Goat Maintenance/Finisher 12%  20.00


Non-GMO Dairy 16%  19.00
Non-GMO Dairy 13%  18.00


Non-GMO All Stock Sweet Feed 12% 19.00


Non-GMO Whole Shelled Corn 13.00
Non-GMO Cracked Corn   13.00
Non-GMO Roasted Soybeans 22.00
Non-GMO Ground Roasted Soybeans 23.00
Whole Oats   16.00




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