Grassfed Beef


We raise Devon cattle because they are uniquely suited to producing high quality, healthy grass-fed beef.  Devons are a perfect match for Longview's goal of producing healthy beef with outstanding flavor.  They thrive on a grass and legume diet, and they convert the nutrients very efficiently, gaining weight rapidly and producing beef that is higher in Omega 3 fats. Visit the Red devon website for more information on this amazing breed.

Our grass fed beef is sold by the cut and priced by the pound (see prices below). We sell out of our farm freezer or on Redhills Online Farmers Market in Tallahassee. If buying directly from the farm, please call ahead to see what cuts are available and to set up a time to come by.   


All prices are by the pound   

Ground Beef - $7.00             Sirloin Steak - $11.00               Ribeye - $14.00  

     Boneless NYStrip - $15.00            Tenderloin Fillets - $18.00      

Chuck Roast - $8.00              Soup Bones - $4.50

     Liver - $4.50